Saturday, July 9, 2011

AEROBICS!!! 10 years and counting!!!

Thirteen years ago, I decided I was sick of walking, running, videos, doing the same old exercise routines. I decided that I was going to go and get certified to teach an aerobics class. So I did!! I went down to the closest YMCA and right away they gave me my own class, 3 times a week and got me certified!!! From then on I was hooked. I LOVED IT!!!

BUT...then a year later I was blessed enough to get pregnant with our 2ND little duckling, and so I decided it was too hard, so I would wait until he was older to teach again.

When Hayden was 10 months old, I got an idea...I decided to get a bunch of ladies from my church together and teach an aerobics class, 3 times a week like I use to at the gym. From then on I have been at the church MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY at 8:30am teaching a fun aerobics class...OH WAIT DO WE STILL CALL IT THAT???? No!! Its more like a BOOT CAMP!!! We do ONE HOUR AN SIX MINUTES OF VERY HIGH INTENSITY AEROBICS!!! We probably do at least 50 lunges and 50-100 squats in a work-out, with weights in hand!! It is so fun and anyone is welcome to come and endure the pain!!!

Throughout the 10 years we have worked out together, we have all been through so much, and become very close. We see a lot of new faces come and go all the time. That is what is so great about this class!!

Teaching people to feel better about themselves, and love the way they look and feel, is one of my greatest TREASURES!!!

OH!!! (LOOK AT THE PICTURES...) we make them start young!!!

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