Friday, July 22, 2011


On July 18, 2011 my baby duckling lost her very first tooth. She was so excited!!! It's funny how all your Treasured memories come flowing back...Bailey, Hayden and Avery all reminisced about the day they lost their first tooth!! In fact we remember when Bailey lost hers she ended up swallowing it, and if that wasn't tragic enough the Tooth Fairy forgot to come, even though we told her over and over again that even if the tooth is in her tummy the Tooth Fairy will show up!!!! YES WINNERS!!!

When Finley lost her tooth it was bitter sweet, considering this will be my last loosing of ... "The 1st tooth," because she is our baby. She is only 4 so I thought I had a little more time before the big day. However it was exciting for all, but especially are little toothless wonder!!!

Congratulations Finny!!! We love you!!!

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